Business Accounting & Tax Advice

We’re your CFO, accounting department and business coaches all in one

At Etlanda Taxation & Accounting Services, we believe your business is our business so we’ll take the time to get to know how your business operates, not just your finances.


We want to understand first-hand the challenges you face so we can:

  • Provide relevant, timely accounting and financial information
  • Identify business opportunities you might otherwise miss
  • Protect and increase your profits
  • Help you achieve your long-term personal and business goals.

Business accounting & tax advice

And the best part is that we’ll share all of this good stuff with you. We’ll teach you along the way (no jargon or unnecessary acronyms) so you are “in-the-know” and in control every step of the way.

Think this type of business support will be too expensive?

Think again!

Our goal is to offset the cost of our services by finding ways you can save or make money elsewhere. We can do this because we’ve had over 40 years of experience working with small to medium-sized businesses, just like yours.

Sounds great but you want to know more?

Depending on the needs of your business, we offer the following accounting services:

  • Preparation and reconciliation of management and annual statements so you’ll know how your business is tracking and what to do next.
  • Cash flow and profit projections so you’ll be able to identify potential shortfalls and improvements.
  • Advice for asset funding so you’ll be able to obtain business assets e.g. equipment and vehicles in other ways.
  • Balance sheet management so you’ll know your financial position.

Right tax advice. More profits.

As the owner of a business operating in Australia, you already know you are responsible for complying with various ATO requirements. To meet these obligations, and avoid penalties, you need to report business income, business expenses and keep impeccable records.

What you might not know is that at Etlanda Taxation & Accounting Services, we can help you to meet these obligations whilst legitimately minimising your tax bill.


We know all the direct and indirect tax rules, and which ones apply to your business. Our strategic advice will allow you to:

  • Accurately anticipate and prepare for your tax liabilities
  • Improve your cash flow
  • Reduce your risk of ATO audit adjustments
  • Increase your profits.

Just as each business is different, so too is the tax advice we provide. For example, we can help you optimise your tax position for:

  • Fringe Benefits Tax
  • Goods and Services Tax
  • State and International Taxes
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Payroll Tax
  • Australia-wide Stamp Duties
  • Fuel taxes including the Luxury Car Tax – just to name a few.

As part of your total tax risk assessment, we’ll also look at how to optimise tax for your retirement, your SMSF, your estate and your wealth protection plans.

Accounting software. Make the right choice or risk failure.

One of the main reasons businesses fail is because they don’t have good bookkeeping and accounting systems in place. Choosing the right software (and team to support it) means you’ll always have accurate, meaningful information on hand.

At Etlanda Taxation & Accounting Services, we specialise in the set-up, installation and training for:

We also have experience with a number of specialty software programs e.g. Quickbooks, Easy Cars, Attache and Others. Because we have over 50 years of bookkeeping experience, we can support you to manage your accounts using the software that’s right for your business, no matter how simple or complex.

Want to run a strong, profitable business?

We know how. For a free, no obligation consultation to find out how you can get ahead (and stay there) call us today on 02 9533 7599