Melissa Rhodes-Smith

Melissa Rhodes-Smith, Bookkeeping, Business Accounting

The Connector

Unlike Doreen, Melissa loves Facebook. That’s because there are loads of people (all over the world) who want her to stay in touch.

If you ever meet her, you’ll know why. Melissa is one of the most fun-loving, energetic and positive people you’ll ever talk to. Our clients look forward to getting her calls even when it’s to chase an invoice.

She’s also incredibly organised (her desk is always impeccably clean), has a flair for numbers and instinctively knows what our client’s need and when. Melissa joined the Etlanda Taxation & Accounting Services team in a part-time capacity in 2007 and has been helping clients with their bookkeeping, processes and accounting ever since. She’s our point of contact for general queries.

Melissa also ensures the Etlanda Taxation & Accounting Services business runs smoothly so we can continue to help our clients achieve their financial goals.

Prior to joining the business, Melissa spent more than 10 years in the travel industry as a fully accredited IATA travel agent with Qantas and Ski One. This also makes her the perfect person to help you decide where to go on holidays with all your newly acquired profits.

Melissa is a skilled snow boarder. When she’s not working with our clients, she enjoys running, travelling and, most of all, spending time with her husband and three children.

If you become an Etlanda Taxation & Accounting Services client, we promise she’ll give you a call.

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