Superannuation: It’s your money

For many people, superannuation is either a chore – because you are an employer and have to make the payments at least every three months. Or a bore because even though it’s your money you can’t access it for a long time.

At Etlanda, we don’t fall into either category. We think superannuation is incredibly exciting.


Superannuation is forced savings for retirement. And there are so many things we can do so you spend your golden years doing what you really want to do. Especially if you start early. For example, we can help you to:

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  • Superannuation
  • Self-Managed Superannuation Funds 
  • Investing
  • Insurance 
  • Tax advice for wealth management 
  • Choose the right super fund so you’re not paying too much in fees.
  • Merge your super together into one fund so you only have to pay one set of fees, not multiples.
  • Make additional, tax effective payments into your fund so you have more income when your pay cheques stop.
  • Review your investment mix so you’re not lumped into the default fund that doesn’t take your age, risk appetite and circumstances into account.
  • Ensure your super and other assets are protected so if the unexpected happens your lifestyle is protected and your super goes to the right person.

Retirement on the immediate horizon?

No problem, we can also help you with a personalised transition plan that can help reduce the tax you pay. For example, with the right advice, you might be able to reduce your work hours but maintain your income.

Want to retire happy?

Planning for retirement is complex and it’s important to get advice from people with specialist knowledge – like us! For your best chance at getting the retirement you really want call us today on 02 9533 7599